About Us:

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Vein Solutions is a centre of excellence in the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of vein disorders.

Medical aid rates – and covered by most medical aids.

 About Our Vein Solutions Walk-in Walk-out Clinics

 To treat venous reflux we offer:

 –our extensive experience

 –the very latest minimally invasive technology

 –treatment in our surgical rooms, on an outpatient basis

 –negligible pain and faster healing

 –return to work in days instead of weeks

 –a new technique to heal venous ulcers

 –the latest technology in the treatment of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (chronic pelvic pain)

 Services We Provide

To determine if a venous problem exists, a comprehensive evaluation is performed through an in-depth medical history and a physical examination by an experienced specialist surgeon. In addition, an extensive ultrasound study is performed by a registered sonographer to help determine the diagnosis. At Vein Solutions, the physician and patient mutually discuss the findings to determine the best treatment plan for the problem.

We are experienced in all vein treatment modalities and are able to recommend the best for the individual. These procedures are performed daily, in a patient-friendly environment and usually in less than an hour. Almost all procedures are done under local anaesthesia, thereby reducing risk and increasing convenience for the patient. Most patients resume normal activities within 24 hours and return to work in days instead of weeks.